Monday, August 1, 2016

Modifiable Monday - One hat - Five designs

There was a particular hat that I have been looking for both in the stores and online.  But after I stop searching for it, then I finally found it.  It's a black hat, very simple but the one I found at Ross had two big gem stones that was ugly.  For the special price, I bought it because I knew I would remove the bling and replace it with something classy.  So I started searching for left over fabrics, buttons, etc.  Last night I finally finished all the attachments
and here's the result.  Just in case you are wondering how each design is attached to the same hat.  After I took the gem stone, I inserted a magnet inside the side of the hat, just behind the spot where you see the left over glue.  Then on each of the clip design I inserted inside one washer that Jeff found in his supplies.  This way I don't waste two good magnets.
Some of the buttons were sewn and the owl was glued to the fabric.  Now I can pick and choose what clip to use for the hat depending on what outfit and activity I am using the hat for.  

This is probably a Saturday one when checking out arts and wine festival.

Most likely wear this at night, I am sure I'll have some night owl fans.

I will probably wear this when I am with my MIL as she loves lady bugs.

I forgot to make one for the San Jose SHARKS.  Maybe in the fall when NHL begins.

You can still see the left over glue from the gem stone that I remove.

Magnet on the left and washer on the right.


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