Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Weekly Wednesday - List of Chores

Happy April's Fools.  Nothing special happened today just like any other day so I decided to post about my weekly chores.  I know it's boring but it might remind you to do your own list of weekly chores.  During the week there are chores that needs to get done but it does not have to be a specific day.  I do them when needed or when I am not at  golf, volunteer or MIL day.  Last week the ironing pile was getting a little high so I tackled it within a couple of hours.

There are other things on my weekly list like sweeping/vacuum, dusting, bathroom cleaning, and some kitchen organizing (including the fridge).  Like most households, there's also paper filling (I do them for Jeff) and paying bills.  I have added blogging as part of my weekly chores because if I don't add to the list, then I forget and my readers have nothing to check.  Last week when I took my MIL grocery shopping we found a new item on the soft drink aisle.  We thought we would buy it and try it.  The result is just ok.

It's only 90 calories.  It is sweetened with sugar cane and stuvia. 
My MIL recently received a package from her daughter who is living in Tennessee.  As you know my MIL loves anything with lady bug.  Let me show you what her daughter sent her.

Lady Bug Truffles.  They look so perfect it's hard to eat the.  BTW, there's no lady bug inside, just truffles.

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