Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Testing Tuesday - Annual blood work

After many years of getting my blood work every three months while I was living in Canada, it's a bit of a change to only do them once a year.  I guess that's the medical in the  US, definitely different and definitely more expensive.  In the beginning it was really a surprise for me to have to pay every time I see a doctor, or a specialist or any kind of services.  This year is the first time I am getting my blood work where I did not need to fast.  Being a diabetic that's a little difficult and inconvenience specially when you have to line up very early in the morning if you want to ensure you are seen by the lab within half an hour.  This week I received a letter from my doctor instructing me to get some lab work done.  I look at my watch and it was the perfect time to go when the Lab is not so busy.  There was still a line but not as long and I was out within half an hour.  The only benefit about the medical we are covered now is that you get to see the result online the very next day.  You can see the past results and compare to the current one.  It also includes some graphs and explanations.  The other benefit is that I can email my doctor, book appointments online and order my prescriptions online and have it shipped to my home.  No line ups, no time wasted looking for parking spot, and no funny smell in the waiting room.  Sorry, I had to mention that.  It seems like every time I go to my appointments or the pharmacy or the Lab, there's always some funky smell.  One of the good benefit of doing blood work annually.  Even after all of these benefits, I still miss my OHIP.  Maybe someday we can move back and OHIP will let me have my own card.

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