Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tiny Thursday - Very small homes

Are you a fan of the Tiny House Nation?  Have you see how small these homes are?  Would you be able to live in one?  Jeff and I have been watching this show and the more we see some of these homes, the more we are convinced that we might be able to live in one of these later in life.  The most important part about living in a tiny house is location.  I know I can live with a small kitchen, living room and bedroom.  The bathroom has to have a stand up shower and I would like a regular toilet not a potty.  I would also like to have a wrap around deck.  As for getting rid of a lot of things we own to fit into the tiny house, if this is your second home, then you just keep the basics for this and the rest stays in the first home.  Here's some of the photos that I found and some of the plans that I like.  The only problem with this type of living is that there is no room for guests. 

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Image result for tiny house nation photos

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