Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Trying Tuesday - More pretty flowers

The weather seems to be getting warmer and even hotter which makes us think of summer. Although we have been so disappointed about some of the flowers and plants that Jeff has been adding to our front and back yard, we would still like to have the areas looking good by summertime.  So here we go again, last weekend we stopped by Home Depot as they had some good deals on perennials.  Somehow we got a little excited and purchased more that we were planning.  Jeff will definitely be busy this weekend planting all of these new additions. What we are really hoping for is that they survive without being eaten or ruined by the critters around our yard.  Last night Jeff advised that the several squash plants are all gone. They did not even get a chance to grow as he only planted them two weeks ago.  I love harvesting the vegetables that Jeff grows but unfortunately he is getting very disappointed. First the squirrels, then the snails and now he is not sure what is eating all the edible plants.

White Azalea


Lavender and some red flowers

Non flowering bush but nice green and yellow leaves

Orange roses

Some pretty white flowers

Yellow rose - to show my southern belle Sue who is visiting next month.

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