Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Waterless Wednesday - No rain in the forecast

Due to the lack of rain we have been trying to really save water the best way we can.  If you have been to our home you would have remembered those ugly looking shaped containers that collects water from the gutters.  These containers hold the rain which Jeff uses to water our plants in the backyard.  Since we have had any rain for a while, all those containers are almost empty.  So Jeff had another idea.  He asked me to buy a bucket with a lid.  I was not sure where he was going with this.  In the morning when he takes a shower he places the bucket so it collects the cold water that comes from the spout before it turns into hot water for his shower.  He uses the water that he collects from this to water the plants in the morning.  Then I will do the same when I take my shower and he will save this water in our barrel to be use next time.  When you think of how much water is wasted while waiting for it to get hot before you start your shower, then you really start getting creative.  The flowers in the backyard are not looking wilted because they are getting watered from Jeff's idea.

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