Friday, April 24, 2015

Friendless Friday - Out of sight-out of mind

Another four months and I would have been here in San Jose, CA for five years.  Time is just flying by when you are busy and enjoying life.  But even though I am enjoying life with Jeff, I miss my daughter and of course my friends.  One thing that is so true about leaving your friends behind is that expression out of sight - out mind.  Someone told me once that I am really great at keeping in touch with friends and that's what makes the friendship last.  But now that everyone is getting a little older and set in their ways, I am finding out that everyone is just living their life and it's sad but my friends are starting to just fade away one by one.  During my first year here I was getting a lot of emails, etc. The second year was still OK and by the third year it was only a few handful that kept in touch.  I truly understand and I am not complaining.  It's just the fact of life that when you move away you will definitely lose some friends because it's just difficult to keep in touch and it's not the same. It doesn't mean that the friendship is gone, it's really just a break and maybe someday we will all reconnect.  

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