Monday, February 5, 2018

Meager Monday - Fend for yourself

Not even sure if I picked the right word for today's post.  But I don't think I have use this one so I will go with it.  The topic of today is really about food and our simple retired life.  Every now and then, after we have used up all our leftovers, I would say to my hubby "o.k. for lunch today, you will have to fend for yourself".  It makes it fun because we try to look for items we can make for lunch without having a big fuss.  At times will be as simple as my grilled cheese sandwich while he would have crackers with peanut butter sprinkled with sugar (Whaaat!!!).  Some days we have our home made soup that actually begins with some Ramen noodles aka cup-a-noodle.  What we add to it is completely up to us or depending on what is available.  And the results are shown below.

My soup with shrimp and baby bok choy.

Jeff's soup with ham, peas and corn.

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