Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wanting Wednesday - Cactus

Sometime last year, my daughter ask me to embroider a couple of white kitchen towels with cactus in a pot. I did, not sure if you remember that post.  Unfortunately I cannot find a photo but hopefully by the end of this post, I would be able to find and include it.  Yesterday I decided to paint my mini canvas again. I sat for a while and then I remembered doing that embroidery and thought it would be nice to do something similar. Hopefully my daughter would like to keep it, but if not, I'll hang on to it until she is ready for it.  I started getting all my supplies and began after dinner and both canvas was complete by 900 pm.  Wanna see them?

I knew if I took the time to find where the embroidered towels where, I will find it, and here it is.

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