Monday, February 12, 2018

Medium Monday - Acrylic only

Aside from watching a lot of Olympics, I was able to break away from the living room and started painting the wine bottles that I have been saving.  Before the weekend I painted the base coat for my bottles using the left over house paint that we found in our garage.  The previous owner left them so we can use them for touching up some of the areas of the house.  But lately I have been using them for painting bottles or canvas for my so called art work.  Please don't think that I have consumed all these wine. They are from the several parties we have had at home and of course empty bottles are left with us.  So I have saved only the ones that I like the shape.  I decided to do the before and after so you can see how I transpire them to what I call my decorative bottles.  Not really sure what I will do with them, for now it will be on display above our kitchen cabinets, just for show.  I started painting each one on Saturday and ended up finishing all the four bottles by Sunday afternoon. An to think that my brushes and acrylic paint are from the Dollar Store.  Can you imagine if I was using the more real acrylic and exceptional brush.  But then again, I don't it's the medium, I believe it's the artist. Medium materials for medium artist with medium creative mind. LOL

A little bit of a mixture of shapes and colors, just an interesting piece.

This one is more of a happy one as you think of Spring.

My least favorite as it is a bit scary. LOL

This is my favorite because I put so much work into it.

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