Thursday, March 30, 2017

Transportable Thursday - RV is the new adventure

To RV or not to RV, that is the question.  Well, actually the question has been answered.  After checking out a few variety this past weekend, Jeff and I have agreed on the size, the make and the model.  It is interesting that we very easily pick very similar layout so there's not much to think about.  Before we actually buy the RV of choice, we have to wait for his son's old car to be removed from the other side garage.  Jeff needs the whole length of that parking area on the side of the our house.  The RV is about 26 foot and although we have that space, currently there's an old card and Jeff's Miata occupying the space.  There's a particular RV that Jeff found that's for sale and it fits our requirement.  Only problem is that it is currently parked somewhere in Orange County, CA.  It's probably about an eight hour drive to get there from our place.  The other option is fly to the nearest airport, rent a car and if we decided to buy it, we can drive it back to San Jose.  It's a little bit more expensive.  The better option is finding one near the bay area so we don't have the cost of flight, hotel and car rental prior to purchasing.  Enough said, do you want to see what I am talking about.

Click on the link below.


 Image result for Ace class Thor RV 26 feet

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