Thursday, March 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday - Deep Cliff Group

Almost two years have passed since I quit my volunteer work at the Deep Cliff golf course.  I miss playing with my friends who were volunteers as well but like me, have quit also.  One of them actually still works there as a paid employees.  So I am trying to arrange a Thursday morning golf day so we can play like old times.  Deep Cliff is a beautiful short course with 18 holes with six par 4's and the rest are par 3's.  It is a great exercise as it's very flat and no hill to worry about.  Most of the players walk the course but some seniors prefer to use the cart so they don't delay the pace of play.  They have renovated the restaurant and now they even serve their own beer.  Anyway, I am looking forward to playing with my buddies Mo, Mark and Ethan.  When we use to play every Thursday, we always have a lot of fun and stories to share.  Sometimes we stay for one beer or stop by at the local dive bar because they have free pool before 6 pm.  Hopefully we can play a few more rounds when the weather gets really warm and drier.  

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This is hole # 18 and above is the pro shop and the restaurant.

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