Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sickness Sunday - It was very bad

Just when you think that your health is back to normal and you start enjoying life again, then you get hit.  Somehow I just wished that there was a little warning.  I know you cannot keep avoiding crowds or gathering in case there are some people who are sick, right  Well, I decided to go with Jeff a little over a week ago to attend a luncheon for one of his coworker who got laid off.  I thought it would be nice to say hello to some of his buddies who I golf sometimes.  What I dd not know was that a few of them were just sick or maybe still is.  That evening Jeff started feeling sick and by the next day he was coughing with a little fever and some chills.  Two days later when he was starting to feel a little better I started with what I thought was just a cold also.  It has been a week and I am still not feeling good.  Jeff took me to see my doctor on the fourth day because of the headache that was excruciating and would not go away.  The doctor did all the checks and the last one was taking a swab from my nose.  Test result came back after a day - it was positive.  I have the Influenza Virus A - the bad one.  There's not much I could do but to just rest and hope for the best.  No appetite, nausea, headache, restless, coughing (one time it was so extreme that I burst a blood vessel on my right eye).  The only benefit of this is I lost at least 6 pounds, not a great way to lose, but I have to find something good on this very annoying sickness.  Question is, would it have prevented me getting it if I had the flu shot?  Maybe, depending on the strain of shot they were giving this season.  A friend of mine got the shot but still had the flu because he got the B shot but got the A flu.  If only all the good wishes and positive vibes that friends and family are sending, can cure the illness - I would be done in a couple of days.  Today is the seventh day and I am still not back to my normal self.  Each and every morning I am trying to feel like I am normal, moving a little at a time, but everything seems to tire me out.  So to all my family and friends, please try and stay healthy, do all the preventative tips and habits in order to stay away from this season's flu as I don't want any of you to suffer the way I did.  Take care and hopefully the first day of Spring brings us sunny skies and warmer temperature. Stay healthy and enjoy each day that you are feeling good.

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Taking any kind of prescription just makes you more sick.  Rest is still the all in one cure but takes longer.


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