Monday, March 27, 2017

Montreal Monday - My BFF's team

It always amazes me that Spring is already here and the NHL playoff has not even begun.  This year my BFF's team the HABS are in first position in the Atlantic Division Eastern Conference.  I know that he's going to be watching all their games up to the Stanley cup.  When I showed Percy the latest cell phone charger holder, he liked the idea and I thought I could make him his own with his favorite team fabric or logo.  The problem is that fabric store here does not carry anything Canadian.  Then I had an idea, I could ask him to buy me the fabric from Canada and mail it.  Percy thought that was too much trouble for me so he opted just to have one with the HABS colors (red, white and blue).  Since he is my BFF, I needed to make something special because he is not just any BFF, he's like a brother to me.
While searching online, Jeff found a patch that I could use.  As usual Jeff orders it from his store.  He said that it might take a while because it was not Prime and it was going to be coming from some Asian country.  It has been almost two months and the other day a small envelope from Thailand was in our mail box.  That's when I remembered what we had ordered.  So here's my own creation of the Montreal Canadiens aka the HABS cell phone charger holder for my very special friend Percy.  I know he checks my blog often so I hope he will like it.  Unfortunately I won't be able to send it to him since I am waiting for my girl friends who will be coming for a visit and staying at our B&B.  So Percy, be patient and it will get there by end of next month.  In the meantime you can just admire what you see below.

Percy's very own cell phone charger holder for home and for travel.


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