Friday, March 17, 2017

Failte Friday - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Failte is a Gaelic word that means salute, welcome or hail.  So it's somewhat fitting as we salute St. Patrick's on his special day which is today.  Some of the friends I know loves celebrating this holiday because to them it's all about drinking.  For Jeff, it's about his favorite, Bailey's Irish Cream which is his favorite creamer for his coffee.  Unfortunately they have not been making them or at least we have not found them at the store.  The last time I found three bottles was at one of those liquor store and they were on sale because it was still in the old bottle.  Now they have changed to a much slimmer type but they don't make this particular flavor (Mint Chocolate).  My MIL celebrate this holiday by making corned beef and cabbage dinner accompanied by green beer and having a shot of Bailey's for dessert. This year, we probably will stay home and celebrate it our own way.  Here's my special take on salute St. Patrick's.

Our special twig tree has now become a special monthly theme tree.  Jeff did a great job.
My nail art for this week is almost matching the two colors of the shamrock on the tree.
Image result for irish blessing
One of my favorite Irish blessing specially to you from me.

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