Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Travel Tuesday - Toothbrush holder

A new sewing challenge - travel toothbrush holder.  So I said yes, I can do it.  Since I am using scrap fabrics, it was easy to do a trial run but I need a small piece of plastic material for the brush to touch in case it is not dry when you slip it in.  This is not a tutorial but just a little explanation of how I did it.  First, I made the case which is very similar to making the fabric wallet or eye glass case.  Once I have that, I made what I call the insert,  I measured the length of the toothbrush and the width of the case, to make sure it will slide easily.  Then I cut the fabric together and add the plastic piece last. I almost forgot that I glued the plastic to the fabric before sewing it, just an extra step to have the plastic stick to the fabric flat.  Here's a couple of photo so you will get the idea.  If you like new simple and easy project, this is one of those that you can finish within half an hour.  Try it.


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