Friday, May 30, 2014

Fruity Friday - Just a little excited

If you can recall the post that I did about Jeff's gardening in our front yard, you will remember about the three separate fruit trees that have been grafted to several other types of the same fruit.  Now I would like to show you how it has grown after a couple of months or maybe more.

They are actually still very small but it's exciting to see them on our front yard.  Hopefully the squirrels does not ruin them.  One of our neighbors has a big apple tree located in the corner of their front yard.  This year they were not able to harvest anything because of the squirrels.  They pick on it or knock them off the tree before they are ready.  Jeff is keeping an eye on all the trees, flowers, vegetables and others.  So far he is winning against the squirrels 15 - love.

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