Monday, May 26, 2014

Misubi Monday - Trying a new eating place

Whenever I get together with my friend Katrina, we would always want to try something new.  Last Saturday we finally were able to see each other and I picked the restaurant this time.  It was located in a shopping plaza called The Plant.  This is the same plaza where Guy Fieri's restaurant called Johnny Garlic is located.  Of course this is a great place for lunch and dinner and happy hour.  Almost forgot, the new place is called Burnt Rice.  I had the chance to check the menu prior to going there.  This time I remembered to take some photos of our meal and even our drink.  It is not a very big place but it perfect for small groups.  The service was great from the beginning to the end.  If you are ever in the San Jose area, you have to try this place.

Grape Soju Drink (Katrina) and Arrogant Bastard (my beer)

Pork Belly Misubi

Salt and Pepper Shrimp

Glass noodle with veggies
After our lunch we realized that we should have ordered one of the Burnt Rice entree because that is what we choose this place for lunch.  Oh bother, we will have to go back and try what they are famous for - Burnt Rice.

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