Friday, May 23, 2014

Fretting Friday - I can't stand the white stuff

Sometimes it takes another couple to get us in the mood of taking a mini vacation.  That's what happened during the last four days.  Our friends J and G asks us to join them for a quick get away to South Lake Tahoe.  Since both Jeff and I have not been there for over ten years, we decided that it was time to see a different part of Tahoe.  Although we knew that the weather was not going to be hot, it was still a nice change of scenery,  The drive there was a perfect day with some clouds but mostly blue sky.  Some sections of the highway was a bit windy and a little too high or deep for my liking.  It sort of reminds be of being in the Yukon Territory where you can still see the snow capped mountains.  Since our friends have been there many time, they were our own personal tour guides.  We took a tour around the lake and saw some of the most amazing colors of the Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay.  The photos that I took were not the greatest but I like to share some of them.  The only part of the trip that I did not appreciate was the arrival of the white stuff.  That's right, SNOW.
Emerald Bay on a beautiful warm weather.

The sign from the Hard Rock Cafe

I guess the sign actually works.
It was a very enjoyable get away although none of us won big money at their Casino.  Who does?  We stopped by to check out the cabin owned by Jeff's coworker/friend.  It didn't look like a cabin to me because it had an awesome kitchen, lots of bedrooms, a wrap around deck and many more interesting items inside.  I wish I had taken some photos to share.

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