Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trendy Tuesday - Nail Art

When it is time to do my own mani-pedi, I try to check out the latest colors and design.  Most of the time I just pick the colors that go with the color of my purse.  Some of you might pick colors depending on the season, the occasion and sometimes just the mood you are in.  Last week I decided to chose two different shades of violet or purple or lavander.  My apologies for the photo of toes as they are never cute but I wanted to show you the details of nail art.  As a surprise treat, my daughter gave me the permission to share her current nail art.  Like mother like daughter, one would say.  The only different is that I do my own and this time she had it done.  Although I have seen some of her nail art and they are pretty and classy.

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