Friday, May 2, 2014

Free Friday - Quitting was easy

When you start feeling that your volunteer time is not worth it, the only solution is to quit.  After much deliberation, my MIL and I ended our volunteer work at our local library.  I guess part of it was the incident that happen during the last book sale.  You can say that it was the straw that broke the camels back.  Hopefully I got this right.  I also think that the amount of work was getting less and less that it was not worth wasting gas when the rates went up.  We finally sent our notice last night and now I have an extra free day during the week.  My schedule is getting a bit busy with golf, my two other volunteer work, house chores and other hobbies.  For now, I will enjoy this free day and start researching for another volunteer for me and my MIL.  I am sure there are many other agency or organization that would need some of our precious time.  We need to find something that we would enjoy and  location is important.  My MIL has another volunteer with her other friends once a week but we want something we could do together.  Maybe we will just enjoy our summer and start a new in the fall.  If and when you are retire, would you volunteer, if so where would you go and what type of work would it be?


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