Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wishing Wednesday - It's all about me

If you are reading this today and suddenly you remembered that you have not sent me a message, there is still time to send your wishes by adding a comment.  Oh bother!  It's my birthday and this post will be about me and only me.  Wait a minute that sounds a little needy.  Since this is not as special as last year's birthday, I am not making a big deal about it although it might sound like that when you are reading this.  How can I make this interesting for my readers.  If I can make a list of what I have done, what I still want to do and what I would never do, then I am sure I can make some sort of list. But honestly, I can just say that I am happy that I'm still able to do a lot of things that I love.  I am very happy to have my family that lets me be ME and of course, all my friends who are always there fore me. So really, there's nothing to complain, whine nor hissy fit because over all, life is good.  


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  1. Wishing you a wonderful birthday Luckie! You are a very special friend and deserve much happiness all year long! ! Love, Jean