Saturday, May 17, 2014

Superficial Saturday - What I'm following

Like most of the people who watches TV, now a days everyone seems to be following different reality shows, or drama or comedy.  Since the finals for almost anything even with sports is happening this week or next week, I wanted to share what I'm following and who I am cheering for - except I don't actually vote.  I am still not into Twitter, Instagram nor Facebook and I have my reasons.
  • The VOICE - I would like Jake "cowboy" country singer to win.
  • The American Idol - I believe the "rocker" Caleb will win.
  • DWTS - Lately I have been missing shows because of DVR issues but when I have time, I watch it on demand.  Maybe the Derek and his partner will take the mirror ball.
  • Stanley Cup play offs - Eastern Conference - I have to cheer for the Habs - the only Canadian team left.  Western Conference - Maybe the Blackhawks will take it without going to the 7th game. I can't cheer for a team that beats the Sharks. I'm truly hoping the Montreal Canadiens wins the cup.
  • NBA - not following as close but still watches it every now and again.  I think I will predict Miami Heat will win it.
  • MLB - I actually don't watch this until they get to the world series.  Whether or not the Giant makes it or not, I would still watch the last 7 games of the MLB.
  • French Open is just around the corner.  I am sure you have heard the good news about Roger's wife expecting another set of twins.  Will this be the year he retires.  I don't think so.  This could be his year to win the French and Wimbledon and the US Open ( Triple Crown)  oops - believe that is only in Horse Racing.
That's all I have for this weekend.  Oh I just remembered, Happy Victoria Day weekend to all my Canadian family and friends.  Hopefully they will get some warmer weather for a change because they deserve it.


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