Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Terrible Tuesday - Slacking Off

Terrible. That is how I feel when I realized that I have not posted anything for a few days.  Slacking off might be too harsh but it might be the perfect work for it.  So to make up, I will just do some random thoughts and share a few photos that might make your day.  It has been a very busy week - that would be my excuse.  Did I mention that we have decided to find another volunteer place for me and my MIL.  We have been there for over two years but lately there's not much to do and it seems like a waste of precious gas for a few minutes of work.  Next week I will be searching for some other agency that are needing volunteers and find out what we can do.  As for golf, for the first time, I was able to get Jeff to golf without begging.  We played at Boulder Creek Golf Course with his friend and his son.  It was such a pretty and serene course.  We plan to go there again and maybe invite some of his other coworkers.  And now for my latest collection of photos that I took for sharing.

My newest and prettiest pot holders.

My latest breakfast plate.

Jeff's strawberry plant that sits on the outside window sill.

The first harvest.  Only one at a time.

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