Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Whaaat Wednesday - Hole in One

Today I got up early because I was adjusting back to pacific time from eastern time.  I checked my calendar and it showed I was going to volunteer for three hours.  After I got ready, I thought maybe I should check with the guy I am supposed to work for.  So I sent him a message and I got reply that he thought it was next week and that he will be busy for most of the day.  Since I was all dressed and ready to go, I thought maybe I will just golf with the ladies.  I called the pro shop and found out the last group had just heading to hole #1.  The course is only a few minutes away so I changed to my golf outfit while my hubby loaded my clubs and cart in the car.  Anyway, I was able to catch the group on hole #2 and then joined the group in front as they were only a threesome.  I was a bit winded and on the hole #3, I got a par.  By the way, this is the ladies group that collects money if you putt more than two putt for each of the hole.  Luckily, my putting was working and I was doing 1 or 2 putts.
When we got to hole #8, I hit my ball and the path was pretty straight but was not sure if I made the green.  Some of the ladies asked me if I knew exactly where my ball went.  I sort of said, it should be below the small mound or just before the green.  While walking I started looking for my ball just in case it ended in the first cut rough.  I got to the green and there was no ball to be found.  I continued checking the back of the green and no ball.  The other two ladies helped looked for my ball around the outside of the green.  I even went back on the right side of the fairway, just in case.  One of the ladies said, check the hole.  In my head,
I am thinking why, I would never get it there.  I headed for the hole, and OMG, my ball was
in the hole.  HOLE IN ONE.  I started dancing, got my camera, and the ladies all have me a hug, then more photos.  The group behind us was wondering what was happening and then
they all started yelling.  Anyway, my very first HOLE in ONE.  Hole #8 about 130 yards.  By the way when we finished 9 holes, I did not have to pay anything since I didn't putt more than two.  The owner of the golf course was in the pro shop and I told him what had happened.  Shortly after, I got a beer mug and was told that I get a drink on the house.  As a rule I would buy everyone in the club house a drink, but I guess that is not the case on this course.  I also received a pin from the manager.  It's too bad we didn't see it go in because
it was a bit far to see and the hole was situated below the little mound.  This is probably going to be the first and last.  LOL.

That's my feet while I stare at my ball in the hole. 

My own Hole in One beer glass courtesy of Hillview Golf Course.

The pro told me to write the date on my ball and asked the 3 ladies who witnessed.

I placed this pin on my green fleece golf jacket.

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