Friday, August 16, 2019

Frenzy Friday - Kitchen towel madness

Two weeks ago I decided to do make some kitchen towels to give as gifts to some of my girlfriends.  At first I was only going to do two, then after I realized I needed a couple more and then another one.  It was such a frenzy because between the birthday outfit for my little friend and trying to finish up some other project, the towels were being put aside.  One day I decided to stay in my sewing room, lock the door and just completed all the towels that I have created.  Some of them I wanted to add some embroideries and others were just letters.
Hopefully the recipient of all these towels will appreciate the amount of time I spent to makes each on a special towel for their use in the kitchen.  After completing them, I thought that sometime next month, I should make some for our kitchen for some special occasion. 
This time I remember to take a photo of each one so I could share them with my readers.

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