Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Toonie Tuesday - A dollar a pound

A month ago we decided to have this little game that involves losing and gaining weight.  We each put the number of loonies for the number of pounds each wanted to lose.  Every Sunday morning we would weigh ourselves. If one lost a pound, then you win a loonie and if the other gain a pound then he or she would have to put a loonie in other jar.  The first week we stayed at our original weight when we first started this game.  The second week I lost a pound and Jeff gained a pound, so he just gave me the loonie.  The third week I lost another pound and so I got a loonie ($1 dollar coin) and he stayed the same.  The fourth week, I weighed the same and Jeff gained a couple, therefore he had to put a toonie in the jar.  We know that the jar will not really have a lot of funds, but it's just an incentive to lose weight or at least try to maintain our weight and not gain.  We don't know how long we will continue but for now it is still fun.  What is your incentive when you are trying to lose weight?  Do you eat less or exercise more?  Maybe you can create your own game with your spouse or partner or maybe even co-workers.  We thought it would be a good system to try and stay healthy and have a good BMI.  For now we both have to keep trying and it's really not about the loonie or the toonie, it's about keeping tabs on the weight so it does not get out a hand.

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