Monday, August 26, 2019

Memories Monday - I still miss my son

Today when I turn the page of my calendar that's on my desk, the following quotes were on the page:

There is no fear in letting tears come.  Sadness is a gift to avoid the nothingness of
numbness, and all hard places need water.  Grief is a gift, and after a rain of
tears, there is always more of you than before. Rain always brings growth.

My son would have been celebrating his 38th birthday today but sadly he was gone too soon.  Sometimes I wonder how mothers who lost a child cope each time that date occurs.  Do they stop counting their age after they are gone? Would you even do something or just do nothing?  I remember the first couple of years, we would get together with most of his best friends and go to the place where they had fun.  But after that, it seemed like everyone had moved on and there was no need to get together.  It seems sad but everyone says life has to go on without him and of course I followed that because I had no choice.  But days like today always makes me sad and even after eleven years, I am still counting how old he would have been. I am still paying tribute to my son on this blog because somehow I feel better writing about it.  Maybe instead of being sad, I will reminisce all the good times we had together.  Today I will celebrate the life that we had with him.  I will always miss him, not just on his birthday, but everyday for as long as I can. 

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