Thursday, August 1, 2019

Tutu Thursday - A special gift for a little friend

When we moved into our neighborhood, I met the little girl across the street and we immediately have become friends.  This month she will be turning 9 and she already invited me to her party.  Unfortunately I am already busy that day and therefore will miss it.  I decided to make something for her birthday and I actually asked her if she liked my idea.
So I am sewing or making a skirt/tutu and lots of color and the top will have an applique of her favorite emoji.  Last week Fabricland had a sale on some of the fabrics I needed to I decided to buy it.  At first she just wanted a plain black skirt and a black top with the emoji.  But after searching for more, she changed her mind and opted to a more colorful skirt.  I guess it did look better specially for a birthday party.  I hope I can make it in time and that she will love it and lastly, that it will fit.  LOL.

These are the tulle that will be used for the skirt.  

This is the emoji that I will try and replicate to be sewn on a black top.

This is the skirt that I will try to make without sewing.

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