Saturday, July 6, 2019

Sporty Saturday - NHL collections

When Jeff's cousin was visiting about a month ago, she had asked me to sew some collection for her favorite NFL team, The Denver Broncos.  If you recall, I featured some of those items on one of my post.  A few months ago when my BFF was visiting he had requested something similar for his favorite NHL team, the Montreal Canadiens aka the Habs.  Last week one of our neighbor ordered also some items for his favorite NHL team, the Vancouver Canucks.  Last Thursday, I surprised my friend from Malaysia who was visiting the Okanagan with his own collection for his team.  When my CIL got home and shared all the Denver Broncos collection with her fiancee,  he said that I should send a photo of the items to the Broncos team and maybe I can work for them, making these collections.  It would be a great idea but that means, I would have to work.  I think he just forgot that I am retired.  I love sewing these items and using them as gifts for friends or for friends who order them and pay for them.  Sort of making a little cash without leaving home.  So if you are reading this and you are a true and loyal fan of an NHL or NFL or maybe even CFL, then you can send me a quick message and we can work something out.  

A pouch for your electronics (cords, charger, battery, etc)

A manly apron for a true Sharks fan.

For the couple that lives and breath Broncos.

For a loyal fan since he was a little boy.

For the wife who still cheers for the Sharks even when they can't get to the Stanley Cup.

For my long time friend who took time from his very busy vacation to stop by and visit us.

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