Monday, July 1, 2019

Maple Monday - Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all, whether you are residing in Canada or a Canadian residing anywhere in the world, today is a day to celebrate being a true Canadian.  What do I love about this great country.  In no particular order: Poutine, Beaver tails, Tim Horton's, Maple Syrup, Bannock, Butter tarts, Sleeman's Honey Brown, Hockey, very friendly and polite people, Charter of Rights, Swiss Chalet, and last but not least, our Inukshuk.  Of course there are many more things to like about Canada but for now that's what I can list.  How about you, what are your favorites?  Everyone is looking forward to this day because it's a long weekend and for some it's a very long weekend if you took a Friday as your day off.  There are so many celebrations all across the country.  Since I have been retired, everyday is a long weekend.  I have been busy sewing again and I hope to do a different post just for that. Have a Happy Canada Day, be safe if you are travelling and think of one special thing about being a Canadian.
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