Monday, July 8, 2019

Match Game Monday - Wimbledon Winners

Two weeks of tennis is almost over.  So far three of my favorites are still in (Novak, Rafa and Roger).  As for the women section, I only have one left and that is Simona Halep.  Of course you know that there's still one that I am not a fan of and she is still in it.  Sometimes I think that if she does retire, she might get a job being a sports commentator.  Now what do I do, watch all the games with the sound off???  It is bad enough now that her coach is already doing some of the coverage.  Anyway, I don't have any control or say on that issue but I know how to resolve it.  Just watch the match I love and delete all the games I am not fond of watching.  After this weekend, I will have a break before the US Open which begins on August 26.  Of course I am already looking forward to it but there's one more before that which is the Rogers Open in Toronto.  Not as big as the four majors but still tennis and I still record most of the matches.  I wish all my favorites the best of luck for the semi finals and finals.  Whoever wins on the men's side will be of course the best.  As for the women, as long as it's any of the other player wins, I am happy.  I have enjoyed watching most of the match but I wish some of the commentators stop predicting and stop comparing themselves to the now players.  They have had their claim to fame in the past and they should just stick to the players performance and not bring up some of their experience.  Now do you wonder why I sometimes watch the tennis matches without the sound??  

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