Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Treasure Tuesday - Bargain Hunting is my thing

It's all about searching for the right thing, being there at the right time and of course paying as little as possible for whatever item you require.  Although there are some things you have to just suck it up and pay for whatever price it is, because of their quality and life time warranty - is there such a thing?  Anyway, I am pleased that we found a few neat stores that are bargain like but not dollar store.  There's a couple we found in town and we have been lucky to find items that we needed for the home.  I like checking out stores that are different from what we were used to in San Jose.  Although I have to admit that there's a lot of my favorites back in the are we use to live and the bargains I can get there are even better.  But now that we are here, I need to switch over to what is available to us.  We are still just getting things as we go shopping and we find something at almost every store we go.  I know I can get some items in the more expensive store, but we have already been spending bigger items and so I have to keep things lower for items that are not as important.  It's getting closer and closer to finishing the decoration and much needed furnishings.  Here's some of the things we found. 

  • Blender for $6  - Jeff will use it for blending his compost
  • Bread Machine $ 15 - almost new and this is Jeff's new hobby, making bread
  • Wire tool .50 cents - for my crafts
  • Fabric flowers - for any arrangements for the home
  • Warm wrap - for my during the cold temperatures day or night
  • Wooden vase - a special size for that corner in the hallway
  • Piano bench - repainted the legs and reupholstered the seat

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