Monday, September 4, 2017

Mix Up Monday - Anything and Everything

Happy Labor/Labour Day to my readers/followers in Canada/USA and other parts of the world, that is if I have readers/followers from that part.  I am sure for those who area still working, this was a great weekend to catch up with everything as well as getting the children ready for school.  It is also a good time to clean up areas in the house and start thinking of the next season and maybe even do some decorating.  That reminded me that I need to change the flag in our front garden.  Anything and everything today means I will just share a bunch of things that I have been doing around our new home.  It is still pretty new because we have been here for only one month and 4 days.  Hopefully you'll enjoy these photos. They are all part of my labour day weekend projects.

This is an oil painting on satin fabric my cousin Mallu gave me. I used a piece of plywood with batting under.

The new bar stools and dining room chairs needed some booties, so I crocheted 12 and need another 16.

Bought this plain heart shaped wood and I painted it using acrylics from the Dollar store.

As well as this old napkin holder I bought for 25 cents, I used the left over paint from the door.

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