Monday, September 11, 2017

Maturation Monday - Is it possible I am getting better

It is hard to believe but most of the plants that I bought and planted in pots or in a box outside and inside of our home has been maturing.  Except for that beautiful red mums that I bought from Home Depot which started dying from heat or smoke or something.  I was very disappointed but luckily my friend Dorothy brought me a house warming gift - A bigger
pot of two colored mums.  I've added some herbs like Thai Basil and Lemon Verbena.  At the same time I bought a couple of non edible Kale in green and purple.  They are looking good and have to definitely bring them indoors when the cold weather arrives.  The other plants with flowers are doing well and I have to give credit to Jeff who is very good at watering all of my plants.  Our front porch looks good with all the different pots with plants.  We also added two wicker chairs for us to seat and enjoy whatever is left of the summer weather.  It is sad that we have not seen some of the perfect blue sky that the Okanagan has due to all the fires in the surrounding areas.  When we wake up in the morning, that is the first thing we check is the smoky skies.  It still does not stop me from golf and tennis, I just need to use my puffer for protection.  

This was the view from our living room window last Friday at 9 am.

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