Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sesquicentennial Saturday - Canada 150 Anniversary

It just happens that we decided to come back to live in Canada this year when this country is celebrating it's 150th Anniversary of Confederation.  There's still a lot of celebration going on probably till the end of the year.  Since I have lived in Canada for over 35 years, it's really what I call home.  While checking out some fabrics at a store called Fabricland, I notice they had a lot of materials celebrating Canada's birthday with some just the red and white maple leaf but there's a set that really caught my attention.  In fact it was Jeff who noticed it first and gave me the idea on what to do with them.  After checking it out, I thought of thinking things through but after two weeks, we went back since they had a big sale and we bought the fabrics.  Jeff helped me with this project and we finally finished it last night and now we can say we are celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary in our own way.  These are the two Territories I have lived (Northwest and Yukon) and two provinces (Ontario and British Columbia).  Although I have visited almost all provinces except Newfoundland and have never visited nor lived in Nunavut, I am very happy to be back in the country I call home.

My sister sent me this as her house warming gift to us.  It is very fitting as when we lived in Yellowknife we did see this scenery live.

Another very familiar scenery during the winter of children wearing their parkas and going to a small schoolhouse.

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