Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tennis Tuesday - Taking advantage of warm weather

In another couple of weeks, the leaves will start to turn and then fall comes then we all know that white stuff.  Jeff and I have been taking advantage of some of the warm weather to play tennis and get a bit of exercise.  The only problem is most days it is very smoky.  We have stayed in as much as we can but after a while we need to get some fresh air or should I say smoky smell.  We had found at least 3 different tennis courts that are very close to our home which is perfect.  There's one that has a great view except I cannot take great photos to share because of the smoky skies.  Sorry I have to keep repeating myself because it's been over a month and we hardly see those beautiful blue skies.  Anyway, I decided to take photos of the different plants around the park where the tennis court it.  If you look closely on one of the photo you can almost see the Kalamaka Lake. 

Notice some of the leaves are already changing colors.

We notice that these grass weedy like plants are everywhere.

This would be a beautiful photo if the sky was blue.

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