Sunday, September 17, 2017

Stitching Sunday - Back to sewing

Since we move to our new home,  I am pleased to announce I now have my own room that is used for crafting, painting, sewing, blogging, filling papers, not to forget ironing whatever it is that I want to keep busy with.  One of the great benefit is that I do not have a basket of ironing items.  When I do our laundry, I take the clothes that needs pressing in this room and I do them after folding the laundry.  It is also nice to have my sewing machine always ready for whatever it is that I need to sew and or repair.  Can you imagine if I had to take the drapes that we bought for the dining room to a seamstress, the cost of just shortening them. I am not sure how much it cost now a days for stuff like that.  Even hemming pants or any taking in a few inches for a dress, etc.  We also needed new curtains for the RV.  Jeff knows I am a little creative and can do this.  I took down the old own and unstitched the part for hanging the drapes.  There was a good sale of drapes at Fabricland and it happens that the color we needed was the one on sale.  I bought one panel and divided in half in order to have one for the right and one for the left window of the RV.  Last Monday night, I made a couple of hand towels, one for our guest room and the other for a friend who is San Jose Sharks fan. We also did a little bit of our own headboard for our bed using the idea from one of the room in our home in San Jose.  I am guessing by now, you know I have been busy.

Not the greatest photo, but this is on the driver's side window.  The material is perfect to provide privacy.

Since we still do not have night stand the frames are just temporarily hung.

A hand towel or a golf towel for a very good friend and golf buddy.

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