Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tedious Thursday - Embroidery and more

It has been a while since I have done a very detailed design on a small banner/flag.  After completing my own Halloween flag, I started doing one for my daughter's sister in law.  She has 4 children so I made one with four little pumpkins. Although it was not embroidered, there was still a lot of detail for the design combined with a bit of stitching.  Then she asked if I would make her daughter a small flag for her room.  She provided me with an idea and I did something very similar.  While doing the design I realized that I have to learn new type of stitching for some of the flowers and leaves.  There were late nights where I would still be doing the stitching because I wanted to see the end result.  Sometimes my neck would hurt as I am looking down for the most part.  In order to give my neck a break, I decided to finish up all the left over plastic cups that I use to make the pin cushion cupcakes. There are many other projects that I have to complete and now I have organized them in baskets and included some sort of a design on paper. Anyway, it's time to show what I have completed.

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