Friday, September 15, 2017

Frustrated Friday - Need some lessons

For some reason or another, I am on a roll on painting bottles.  The first few I did was a result of the champagne bottles that we received as a welcome to your new home from our realtor.  Then we had company and two more bottles were empty so I painted them also. Then there was a small bottle, a small can and a small metal basket I got from the garage sale.  At first I used the left over paint that the previous owner left in the garage.  Then I started with the left over paint from our front door.  I have to check previous post to make sure I have not posted the photos of these bottles that I have painted.  After this week, I am done with bottle painting as I ran out of ideas.  Maybe I should take some painting lessons at the senior centre or the local Community Centre.  Notice how I spell the word CENTRE.  I am definitely back in Canada.  This would be a perfect winter class as long as I don't have to travel far and I can do it during the day.  So check out these bottles with winter/Christmas in the North.  Some of these scenes are from memories of what it was like living in Northern Canada.

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