Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Whirwind Wednesday - Too many ideas so little time

It is amazing how much work you can do on a weekend if you truly set your mind to doing whatever needs to get done.  I suggested to Jeff that we clean the deck in the backyard so we can sit and enjoy using the area.  First thing we was move some of the planters and at the same time added more flowers in a pot and another succulents group.  I did a little planting my self using the baby spider plants that I snipped and waited to root.  After a while Jeff had to continuing tidying up the left side area of the house.  I saw some pieces of wood that he was just going to burn. Wait a minute, I have an idea.  He can make a side table for our two chairs.  Jeff started cutting the wood and by the end of the afternoon, the table was finished.

Maybe in a couple of weeks I will ask Jeff to make some other item to add too the furniture in our deck.  I was thinking of a small planter stand to be used for one of the flower pot.  It will be a special one to feature a plant that is doing well.  As for me I need to repair one of the wind chimes that we have that fell and broke.  Oh I almost forgot that Jeff ordered some new solar mini lights to be added around the deck so it will look nice at night.  Some evenings we like hanging out there, maybe roasting marshmallows or cooking Jiffy popcorn.

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