Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thriving Thursday - His and Hers plants

Just recently I was noticing my geranium plant (5 years old) and my orchid plant (1 year old) are doing so well.  I almost forgot my Asian bamboo plant (3 years old) is also thriving.  Although all these are inside the house, I have a few outdoor plants that are also doing well and I have to give to Jeff all the credit as he is in charge of watering them and if required adding a bit of vitamins.  I have to credit myself for doing all the talking to the plants, really.
This year Jeff's garden is not as big of a variety as previous summer.  Some of the plants were put in late so we are not sure if they will produce before the fall.  Most of them have started showing what type of vegetables we can expect but for now they are tiny.  On Sunday, Jeff gave me he bad news.  Remember the lone peach, well I didn't get a chance to eat it because the birds got to it first.  I was very disappointed because it looked really good the last time I checked it.

Now all I have is this photo to remind me that I have to wait another year

These are the new variety of succulents that we planted on Sunday.

I checked this Jalapeno plant today and there's at least 15 peppers.

Yes, can you believe that my orchids are doing so good. It's definitely a miracle.

These were the old succulents from last year and we decided to move them together.

I think they love being together as a family as they seem to grow every day.

Jeff replanted this one to a big pot located just beside the grill. I love seeing them in the morning.

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