Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spanish Sunday - Maybe taking a class would help

It has been five and half years since my MIL and I took some Spanish classes at the Senior Center.  Although we did learn some it was not what I expected.  We never learned how to construct sentences as the teacher basically taught us a bunch of words.  I even helped the teacher with some flash cards that he was using but was a bit outdated.  I remember that I had benefited from doing all the cards while designing them.  After being in the Dominican Republic, it was a struggle to conjugate sentences so that I can get the message across.  Last Friday while volunteering at the library, I came across another Spanish English book that actually have day to day sentences that I could use. I have checked with another Senior Center but unfortunately the classes will resume in the fall.  In the mean time, I will do some studying on my own and when my BFF Percy aka BFAM (brother from another mother) comes to visit in August, I will practice with him and hopefully he can teach me some easier way to communicate some day to day verses.

Feliz dia a todos los padres.  Tenga un buen dia.  Poner los pies en alto, relajarse y tomar una cerveza.

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