Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sharks Sunday - We need all the fans to cheer

Tonight is a do or die for our bay area team.  Go Sharks Go.  I am doing this post to ask all my readers, followers, friends and family both in Canada, USA and maybe even around the world to cheer for the Sharks.  They are playing at home and hopefully have the home ice advantage.  We need this game to at least get a chance to play the 7th game.  This is the first time they are in the Stanley Cup finals and it will be amazing to have that chance. So however you cheer, whatever works when you are cheering for a team, I would appreciated anything.  It's not easy for me to beg for something but this time, I am and I know if you are reading this you will help out.  Tonight let's all be a SHARKS fan.  

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