Monday, June 13, 2016

Minions Monday - It's so cute, it's a must

Who wouldn't like the minions?  Whatever age you are, it's very hard not to like these characters.  After watching Despicable me 1 and 2 and the Minions movie,  I cannot help but
get one of those character.  Sometime ago, I saw them at Target and I bought Kevin who says a bunch of words that you can't hardly understand but yet still funny.  It was so funny that  included him in the outgoing message on our home phone.  Remember last Christmas when we made our Minions nativity.  Enough said, I guess you get it.  Last Sunday when my MIL came for our Sunday dinner, she brought something special.  So again, I share it with you.

They are blueberry cupcakes with yellow frosting and black licorice for the hair and lips.
Image result for minions golf head covers
#1 LPGA golfer Lydia KO has the minion golf club cover.  I want one.

Custom Made Kevin in Minions Golf Head Cover for Driver #1
This is Kevin and this cover is for a driver and available at Amazon.  I wonder if I can make it!

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