Monday, June 20, 2016

Melange Monday - A variety of photos

The weekend went by very fast because Jeff and I were so busy with cleaning and tidying up the backyard, side area of the house as well as the front yard.  I rearrange the furniture while Jeff cleaned the area that was filled with excess wood and bamboo sticks that used to cover the roof of the deck.  Since it was a little cool on Saturday he was able to burn some of the stuff using his Chimnea.  Of course I had to make some crafty things to use as center piece for our table.  Since there were so many different flowers blooming around our neighborhood, I also took some photos for my readers to enjoy.  Aside from doing all that, I also continued sewing more potato bags and fabric wallet.  I think I would need another couple of days to complete that before I start trying to sew some little girls summer dresses.

The only Hydrangea that survived.

I have no clue what this tiny tiny purple flower is called but it's pretty.

White and pink Oleander which is nice to have but actually belongs to our neighbor.
Some silkwood flower growing around the neighborhood.

This was taken in front of one of the library building in our area. 

This arrangement is for our table on our deck.

This twig arrangement is on top of our fire pit.


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