Friday, June 17, 2016

Foodie Friday - Pics that makes you hungry

After all the download of photos from our vacation, I can finally post some of the pics that we took of our dinners and maybe even breakfast and lunch.  When we would eat at the main dining, Jeff always wondered why it was taking too long to bring back my plate.  As soon as he sees them, he figures it out.  I was making it all pretty for photos for my blog.  The rest of the photos are from the different restaurants that we tried.  Some of the appetizers or entrees I remember the names but the rest of the them, you will just have to guess or imagine.  I hope you can enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed eating them.

Jeff's entree - rib eye steak

My fish dinner

My breakfast on our second day,

My lunch on our second day.

My appetizer which was something like an open faced empanada.

No really sure whose meal was this but it looks like a pork dish.

A special type of salad with some sliced meat.

My lobster dinner at the French restaurant, a little salty and overcooked.

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