Saturday, June 11, 2016

Settling Saturday - Normal is a good feeling

Almost a week has gone by since we came back from our vacation and as much as it was great to not have to do anything that's related to chores, it is nice to settle back into normal life.  What is normal life you might ask?  Being home is definitely something to look forward to after being away.  It didn't take me long to get back into the swing of things.  The one thing that I noticed that was a little weird is the fact that I am waking up very early in the morning.  What is early?  Between 6 and 7 am is early specially when you are retired and doesn't have to be anywhere.  Although the first day back I was at the golf course for our 952 tee time.  The two days a week of volunteer was like riding a back, I was into it just like that.
Actually I had another golf game on Thursday, bowling night on Tuesday and MIL on Friday.  But unfortunately things will change a bit for the next couple of weeks and maybe even into the next month as everyone is taking some long vacations.  I really don't mind as I have a lot of sewing projects that I need to finish before I start some other crafts.  Did I mention that I am hoping to enrol in some Spanish classes?  Not really sure where to go as I might have to wait until the Fall session begins.  That is it for now because I have a lot of house chores that needs to get done.  Here's some beautiful flower photos I took in Punta Cana, DR.  Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully I will be getting back to normal schedule with blogging and creating some exciting posts for everyone to enjoy. 

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