Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weleful Wednesday - Happy and Blessed

It is so nice to say that I am happy and blessed.  Life is good as the saying goes.  What makes me happy is just small things that I do for myself, for others and enjoying every moment what ever it is I am doing.  Each time I start a project of some sort, I like to finish them before starting another one.  So I would like to show you all the completed flip flops that I have done since I bought at least nine pairs.  Now I can move on to some other sewing projects. But before I start a new one, I am teaching a friend to do basic sewing so she can do the same project I did for the girls of Cameroon.  She is doing it for her niece who is currently doing volunteer work in Burkina Faso.  I might be repeating myself  because I seem to recall sharing this on my other post.  OMG is that a sign of aging!


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