Thursday, April 14, 2016

Temperamental Thursday - The laptop is aging

As the owner of the laptop is aging, so does the laptop.  Lately my laptop is showing some type of weakness similar to having a low blood sugar - it crashes every now and then.  After I brought this illness to my special IT guy at home, he diagnosed that it might be time to start looking for a replacement.  He immediately took out a small techie toy - portable hard drive - and instructed me to start backing up the important data that is stored in my lap top.  Last night that's all we did and I am happy to say that I feel good about not losing some documents and photos and videos that are very important to me.  But like anything else, it's hard to say goodbye to something you have been so close and attached for almost nine years.  It has brought so many memories and so many hours of just sharing things in my life.  Whether I am surfing the net, reconnecting with family and friends, blogging, creative poems and many more tasks, it will definitely be a sad day when I have to retire my laptop for a new and improve laptop or tablet or whatever it is they have now.  Not only that I have to learn the new Windows operating system which will be on most computer, I think most of them will be touch screen and seems to be smaller.  Just a few weeks ago, Jeff ask me if I wanted to use a bigger screen for my lap top and I am just starting to love it because of the size.  Anyway, I hope that my lap top hangs on for a while and it's ok to be temperamental as long as it just doesn't die on me.  Oh before I forget, that was my excuse why this post is so late but let me share more of my flip flops added glam.  This particular set is for one of my girlfriend.


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